No. Any service you wish can be held at a church or cemetery (graveside services)


Many cemeteries require it to maintain the grave site, so the ground will not become uneven and cause a hazard.

Yes. There are many options available to you and your family.

Pre-planning takes the burden off of your family during a difficult time. Decisions can be made in haste when you are upset, and often, the desired wishes of your loved one can be forgotten. Pre-planning a funeral can help set those desired wishes on paper, so your family can feel at ease during an emotional time.

Choices, an insured FDIC trust fund, requires $500.00 to start. You can put in any dollar amount thereafter, like a savings account. And like a savings account, you earn interest as soon as your money goes into the account.

There is no set standard for the cost of a funeral. Traditional funerals with a burial can be more expensive due to burial fees, newspaper notices, etc. It all depends on what you as a family choose. Non-traditional funerals, such as cremation, can be an inexpensive choice with many different options. Set up an appointment with your local funeral director to talk about pre-planning and/or pre-funding.

When sitting down with a director for the first time, whether it be for pre-planning or due to a passing, certain information is needed for statistical purposes for the state death certificate. The legal name and address will be needed, along with their social security number, date of birth, place of birth, and their parents' names, including their mother's maiden name. They also will ask for their employer's name and address and their educational background. A copy of a DD-214 for those who served in the military and were discharged under honorable conditions can be given to the director, so military honors can be requested if the family desires. This provides the family, along with other benefits, a formal military honor guard to play taps and the presentation of a folded American flag in honor of their loved one's service in the United States military.